One of our members, mogigo, just delivered a successful address to law inforcement officers and others on this subject in Canada. I hope he will pick up on this question to answer it. He returned to find his house has burned down and I'm not sure of the extent of his involvement until this gets resolved

Part of the problem is that victims of CSA find it difficult to speak up for themselves in public. They have to receive a bunch of healing before they reach the "spokesman" level. But there are some that do.

Even when I was cruelly abused at age 12, one of my great fears was that the abuse would tranform me into the same sort of monster as was working on me. So even then, at that tender age I had somehow acquired this wrong idea that being an abuser was contagious. It has taken a bunch of counseling for me to realize this and other ideas the abuse taught me are false.

The general public is pretty ignorant about the effects of abuse. Sure, they know about Megan's Law and spectacular things, but they are really ignorant. Somehow we need to find more spokesmen such as mogigo to teach the public as to the truth of the effects of CSA