This is something that I have toyed with for a long time.
Why? We are seen as possible abusers!
After reading how abused boys as men are treated by police
and most other bodies' as possible offenders, it makes me physically sick to even talk about it.

Yeah! A lot of young men act out with violence etc., and
can generally end up in jail for violent, and even sex
crimes against kids, but why? Are we seen as the "Menace"!

There are very few times when the cops are successful in
prosecuting abusers.
Perps know that, so they are willing to deny everything so that their victim has to convince a Court, 'without any doubt
that the perp is indeed guilty.

The cops never find perps, but it is the abused kids who
make them aware, only to find that their case is out of
date, or they have to recall facts and dates, that have
not been registered in the victims mind.

We cannot put this respectable man or woman in prison
without concrete facts, and it is so hard for the victim
to go against the abuser in Court, as the system is always
looking for fact and dates, which is in most cases impossible
to figure.

The unfortunate thing about abuse is "statistics"!
Cops work on statistics, which are totally misleading.
They are misleading, because they reckon that most of
the prison population is filled by abused people.

It's about time that society considers the gravity of
sexual, and other abuse, and we can see an end of the
proof needed in Courts.

The worst part of any crime, is that the innocent party
is deemed to be part of the crime, and not seen as a

I guess I/we are sick and tired of living with abuse, but
for society, and authority to see us part of what happened,
it is sick. Just give us a break, and not the one's who abuse
us, because they must be somewhat complicit, or stoopid,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!