what would i say, if i was there?
what can i tell them that they shouldn't already know?
how can words describe?
they can't

i would like to sit up on the stage, and they will all have to be ordered to sit and shut up, and they would sit and shut up, and i would just sit there, cross-legged, looking at them, for about an hour or so, and they cant talk, or do anything, and maybe then i will think of something to say to them, maybe i wont, i will look in their eyes, i know they are human already, and i know they have names, but i am not looking for that, am i looking for reason? for shame? guilt? remorse? no, none of those, there is no justifiable reason, and any shame, guilt or remorse they have does no justice anywhere, i'm just looking at them, so that they can look at themselves, for them to understand that they lost part of themselves when they did something so awful that they knew was wrong, so that they can see that i have more in my eyes than they will ever have again.

if i don't think of anything to say, i would just stand up, turn all the lights off, and walk away, and still they wouldn't be allowed to say anything, or do anything, they would just have to sit there, forever, in a trance, forever, and if they decide to move anyway, if they decide to talk anyway, then i will know for sure, that i was right not to talk to them at all. And i will hope that when they go home they will take a part of that darkness, and that they will never be able to sleep again with the darkness in their minds, and that they will never forget.