By The Canadian Press
NAPANEE, Ont. - The prosecutor at David Frost's sexual exploitation trial says alleged victims are denying taking part in threesomes with their former coach out of loyalty.

Frost's trial in Napanee, Ont., which has heard testimony from former players that group sex acts are commonplace in the hockey world, is hearing closing submissions today.

Two former girlfriends of the players testified last week they often took part in threesomes involving Frost in the 1990s, when they were 16 years old.

Crown attorney Sandy Tse says the level of detail the two women provided leaves no doubt they're telling the truth.

Tse says the two former players were not truthful with the court because of their continued loyalty to Frost.

Tse adds that Frost began to exercise "a high degree of control" over his teenage players when they were at an impressionable age.

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