hello Broken. I like James am glad your feeling a little better. For me things are getting worse. It took me way too long to try and deal with the abuse that happened to me over 53 years ago. Yes, we are "not alone", but "it" never goes away. I am getting close to the way my namesake, uncle Michael Harrington, spenet his last 30 some years as a HERMIT in the country side in Ireland. I kept saying "it's a new day" but then, for what. Arabs and Isralies, the Irish, the Afganastils kill each other. And we under the guise of "giving you someting you can't refuse" to all types of Americans, kill or should I say murder, each other for whatever. I have tried to get past all of the horrid past, and it keeps coming back. I am close to saying to hell with it all. When or how I have yet to determine, but it is coming. Bos