I went to the Halloween party that was going on in downtown. I am mostly attracted to women but I came across few guys that made me question what caught my eye. Both were well dressed and the GQ type. One was holding hands with a female and the other was with some other guys. This is something that I'm not sure why I had an attraction to them. It wasn't an intense, I want to have sex attraction but more of a Wow, look at him attraction. I have questioned if I might be bi. I can't see myself having relations with another man though. Are these attractions just noticing eye candy attractiveness and good looks or is it really a hint that there may be more to it? I have wondered after being raped at 11 and sexually abused at 13 by two different males if this some part of the equation. As from some of my previous posts, I have been discussing the whole topic of straight, gay, bi issue. My T's view is that we are all on one continuam and mostly in the middle regardless of straight/gay labels. Maybe this something that is part of me having attractions to some men. My T did hint that people that claim to be straight usually have some feelings of attraction to the same sex even though they don,t admit it. The next sentence she said was about women being attracted to other women. This made me wonder if she likes women even though she is married and was a hint that attraction can be to either side. One of the reasons I am looking for clarity is because of being raised by homophobic parents that shielded me from the outside world. This small part of me that doesn't feel "straight" needs some more clarity. If it does reveal that I have attractions to some men, I will accept it but won,t put a label on myself because of it. Enough of my rambling, any insight would be helpful. One last thought, I don't have a problem with people because of your orientation and have to say I have known a few that were very funny in their comments and jokes. Thank you for any insights.