I'm trying to figure something out.

When a person dissociates, I have heard it is simmilar to a daydream and since I have identified this I dissociate less.

Yesterday, without conciously going there, I just went away.

NO DAYDREAM...No flight plan...NO DESTINATION...!!!

Not really a doorway to somewhere else, but if there was a door it led to a void? I was just GONE...!!!

Stuck in the hallway? I'm really at a loss for words, all I can say it is simmilar to blacking out (minus the alcohol-***Thank You***).

I am confused and troubled by what happened.

If someone has similar experience of this unconcious realm, and would like to help me out, I'd sure appreciate your insight.

Just dropped in (Kenny Rodgers)


Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine ~ M.F. Fernandez