I just read your post. Unlike you I am not HIV+, but I can tell you this.

You have a power that no one else has. You can tell people FIRSTHAND what it's like to have this, as only you can describe. As a teacher I can tell teenagers about this stuff till I'm blue.... and it doesn't matter. YOU, my friend, have the potential to make a vast difference in MANY LIVES.

I had a good buddy in college, an athlete like myself, who had HIV and passed away, but before he did, he acted on it. He did some wonderful things that some still talk about (he passed away in 1996). That's power, and influence. I don't think I'll ever have that, no matter how long I teach.

Please consider using that potential. Use your time. See a silver lining. Take the lemons and make lemonade. You don't know how many lives you can touch.

Godspeed, my friend...