My whole thing is the assumption that predators are in the same catagory as "us". That the ones who were abuse as kids are some kind of hybrid of "us" and "them" and the theories that give excuse or leiniency to their behaviors.

How does a victim of any crime take to being looked at as comparible to the offending party? Professionals that work with both predators and their victims can get jaded to what they do just because of them wanting to help everybody.

There is no connection in that the abuser was abused and the assumption that they are still one of "us", "they" can't be both, "they" are not our peers. A HUGE SO WHAT to what was done to them and a HELLO to what they have done!!!! They hurt a kid and that changes everything. There are plenty of people in the world who have innapropriate thinking but the majority of those people seek ways to control themselves so that they are not a danger.

I don't see it as an opinion because I am not a predator and I am not closely related to being a one in ANY way, should I accept being told that I'm one missing link away just because some see hope in "fixing" a predator? At what point in their "recovery" is it safe for them to be with children? If someone is willing to put kids in danger to try to find that out they have whole other set of ethical issues. That is why it is impossible to say that a perp can be reformed. They can only be controlled, trained, and supervised.

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