I have a strong view in that someone can't be both. Being abused DOES NOT turn a person into an abuser. It's such a small minority of "Us" that goes on to be one of "Them". Somehow that is lost and we are called to be forgiving, accepting, and understanding, just because a perp may have been hurt when they were younger. It does not make them one of "us" and does not excuse any of there violations toward kids. It's not by chance, like they accidently tripped and did something to a child, it takes effort to be a pediphile.

It's not right to assume that we all could have become what they are.... they do not evolve from us. Can any of you take on creating a kid as hurt as you, experiencing things the way you did and the aftermath?... that is what makes them different from you, they are after self gratification and power where kids are objects. Once they hurt a kid as an adult they've chosen their identity. I treat a perp as such until they have accepted responsibility for their deeds and behaviors which very few ever do.

"Us and Them"

Semper Fi

The statistics? 1 in 4, 1 in 6?
...then me the imaginary number

Abuse Part I&II