i've been running from my abuse for so long.......it just seems that all the publicity that has surrounded the abuse by priests has made it impossible for me to continue running.....everytime i turn around it is in my face....news casts, newspapers, radio, etc.....even at dinner parties, the subject inevitably comes up......i never tell the people i was abused, not sure why.....i do know that the discussion always centers on the perpetrators though.....the sad think is i've seen some of those guys abused by the priests and i'm envious.....envious because people believe them, envious because some of them have led normal lives.....i talked to my therapist about this and he told me that was impossible for me because my abuse started at such a young age, 3, was perpetrated by my major role model over a period of a number of years by a person i adored.....plus i have had no family support then or now.....just feel weird being envious of those guys.....anybody else feel the same way???????????????????