Duncan The first year I got sick I hated the meds. I felt guilty all the time. They reminded me I was sick two times a day just in case I would forget. I was embarrassed to take them in front of my wife. I would fill my weekly pi box when she was not around. THE POINT I got over it with time. I found the regimen that works for me and the people I have met because of the virus are really wonderful people. JUST LIKE YOU. Your are not dirty You are not tainted. You have a really bad case of the FLU. Take two aspirin (your meds) and call me in the morning. We want you around for a long time. Remember HIV and AIDS will not kill you . It is all the other little bugs that we can get now that can kill us. You are worth the meds, the cost, the time and effort. You are one of us and we love you. Dave

Thankful Wor Kirkridge Alumni Oct 2008