Hi Duncan

Like yourself, guilt was something I used to feel when I saw how much the drugs cost .
I remember one appointment with the pharmacist when I was asked if I had a preference? as to how
the labelling was put on the pill jars.
I mentioned seeing the dollar figures on each of the 6 bottles I got every 3 months used to affect me negatively.
This was a first for her & she told me she would pass my remarks on.
She told me to remember that the dollar value of the drugs reflected what the pharmaceutical companies were
displaying to the Federal Government, (Universal Health Care in Canada) & that
the actual cost of the drugs was considerably lower.
"Inflated" cost recoups what the companies report as "start up costs" ie research testing etc.
(They probably wrote most off, got tax breaks initially & so on)

It all comes down to self value specifically.
The one we put on ourselves & how much we value life.

Rather than feeling guilty, some see drug costs as how valuable they are & how precious life can be.
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