Let's see, I have met Siouxsie's guitarist and his wife and son through a friend in South Pasadena. Went swimming with them and went to some high-end restaurant near the pier in Santa Monica. The kid ought to be about 15-16 by now. My friend was helping produce something that they did about 3-4 years ago.

Got 999's album in vinyl here at the house. I already posted 999's Homicide anyway. Saw U2 at the old Cleveland Agora when they first came out and it wasn't even sold out. Saw them because Steve Lillywhite of The Yes was producing them. I've seen them 4 times since, including the night after that rainstorm at Red Rocks at the CU Events Center. Smashing Pumpkins did a free show in downtown Minneapolis during the time that I lived there.

The last band that I ever saw was a country band, completely by accident. A friend and I had some beautiful high-end 6th row seats for Jay Leno at The Mirage in Vegas and the warmup band was Rascal Flatts. Would you believe that we were the only people in the crowd of 5,000+ who had never heard of them?

I liked some of this band's other stuff when they first came out, but they weren't around long. This tune got some radio play.


Lately I'll listen to some of the newer Bush disks, and the Foo Fighters, The Killers, and Incubus are also among my more recent purchases, along with an old Muddy Waters live disc. I've been to a couple hundred big shows and many hundreds of small venues too. My first show was Alice Cooper on the Killer tour at Cobo Arena in Detroit, and I had also seen Godspell on Broadway by then too.

Let's see: The best show I ever saw was CSN&Y, The Band, and Santana at the old Cleveland Stadium Labor Day weekend of 1974, and I saw the same show at Toronto's University Stadium near the intersection of Younge and Bloor 3 days later. Pink Floyd's Dark Side tour at Olympia in Detroit was incredible, and Aerosmith's Toy's tour at Cobo was 120 decibels 50 feet from the stage in 1975. One of my close friends ripped a large piece of fishnet away from Steve Tyler after the stage rush with me just a few feet away.

Saw Zeppelin on the Houses of the Holy tour, Elton John on the Yellow Brick tour, and the Stones a couple of times too. One of the better shows that I ever saw was The Circle Jerks at the old Clutch Cargo's in Detroit in 1982, which had the stage divers, punks running through the crowd knocking people over, and on the 5th encore when they played Wild in the Streets, the stage divers stole the mic away from their singer and screamed the lyrics in a big pile on the stage as the band played on. The Stray Cats were good a Lilly's in Hamtramck in 1982 also.

I've seen Iggy 7 times before 1983 and Aerosmith 8 times before 1977. Bowie at the old Michigan Palace was good too, as was Clapton at Olympia in July of 1975, Genesis and Van Halen at the Cleveland Coliseum in 1977 and 1980 respectively. The Pretenders and Blondie were good at small venues too. I even smoked grass with Snakefinger and partied with Hollywood Slim before they both died of too much partying too. The lead singerof Numbskull, Darryl, was a good friend of mine too. It's hard to believe that I'm still around as most everyone in my old Cleveland crowd is long in their graves.

Another really hot show was the old Cleveland band The Adults at the bar that was under the Agora, The Pop Shop, one night when it was 25 below zero outside and the main bar upstairs was shut down because of frozen pipes. I was good friends with the 3 original members of the Adults. I saw X twice and was at that show in Cleveland that Exene Cervenka sings about on Big Black Sun because I was on The Adults guest list (The Adults warmed-up). There might have been 40 people left when the show ended and I was one of them.

Saw this band in Cleveland too:


The Mighty Lemon Drops in Cleveland was a good show too, and so were the Buzzcocks at the old Phantasy Theater. I have a ticket stub from the Phantasy for the Jesus and Mary Chain in 1986 but hardly remember the show. Saw Love and Rockets there too in the late 80s, Husker Du too. Saw lots of small shows back then like The Pink Holes or Spike In Vein or The Generators, so many that I can't remember. The Mr. Stress Blues Band was a Saturday night favorite at the old Euclid Tavern in the late 1980s. Saw Courtney Love at the Mammoth Garden in Denver the summer of 1996, with Elastica warming up, which was another good show. And yes, Devo was good at the old Pirate's Cove in Cleveland, Pere Ubu, and the B-52s too.

Wish that I had all of the dough that I spent on all but the best 20 shows. I'm damn near too old to enjoy concerts much anymore. Anyhow, keep on playing the hits and I'll keep thinking back to the good old days.


"We stay here, we die here. We've got to keep moving". Trucker Mark