I am not unique. I am an alcoholic, struggling w/CSA issues.

One of the ways I used to cope, is by stuffing my feelings. I've done this for a long time, to the point I wasn't sure I even had feelings anymore. (outside of anger).

Now that I'm clean and sober, it's like... How do I handle these feelings. For example, I don't know what to do with fear, but have figured out courage beats fear. End of discussion? Wha...I dunno beyond that. (off topic anyway).

Ok. On with my next question, I might ask a sex therapist, if I could find one around here:

What do I do with these Dominant, submissive, masculine and feminine feelings?

How about why? Is this obvious? Is there anything to be learned?

How about a book...on why (NOT HOW) simply why?

I can't see it, smell it, touch it... (These feelings)...so foriegn and surreal.

Feelings are just plain weird and confusing. (I just don't understand/get it).

It's like blurry fog. (Can't describe it better/beyond that)

Does anyone else have, these feelings, this way? Does anyone have any input or insight?

looking for answers,


Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine ~ M.F. Fernandez