James, you've hit it on the head. Dont mention it and maybe you'll end up believing it never happened.
I tried for over 30 years and it just doesn't work, but we try. And in the lack of knowledge and awareness that surrounded us it was all we could do at the time.
At the risk of making a sweeping statement I think the girls have had a slightly easier time, the abuse of females has had far more publicity and understanding than male abuse so we haven't had any real examples to follow.
A favorite mantra of my bosses at meetings is "silence is assent" The words send shivers down my spine.
My view now is that silence is'nt an option, I know where it leads, as do so many others out there, but it has to be up to the individual to decide when to break the silence. A forum like this is a start, but saying the words "I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child" to my wife was the most powerful experience of my life.

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