"Been waiting for this moment all my life"

I still find it hard to believe but the church did the right thing and opened up to all the other victims of Father Patrick J Ryan the most beloved person in Hastings from 1946 to his death in 1965. Yes little did they know what evil there was with in this man. Father Ryan had a 15-year rein of terror on the altar boys of the parish.

At the meeting on Nov 14 the church spoke about the history of sexual abuse in Hastings up to that time, 2 different priests in the 90,s that had abused boys. "There are two new allegations that we come here to talk about tonight. One involves Father Ferguson and the other dates to 1961 and involves Father Ryan." Said Father Kevin from the Archdiocese. At that moment I saw 3 or 4 heads drop that was the last name the old timers in the church wanted to hear. Being labeled a sexual perpetrator had just killed their beloved Saint Patty OíRyan.

I was surprised by the fact that a victim had come forward already on Father Freg who was Father Ryanís partner in crime. Iíve been waiting for this moment all my life, now the world knows the truth about what went on at Guardian Angles Parish. No one would listen to me 41 years ago but now it is all out. I had some information about the Male Survivors web site and shopping for a T, also a brochure about a local support group we are trying to get started. I put the material on a table in the lobby after the meeting and watched as the men leaving picked it up. So often I talked about the other victims but now they where real people.

I have had a hard time dealing with this event these last two weeks. There is joy in the fact that 13 victims can begin their lives as survivors but much anger in the fact that it took 41 years to get the help we needed. Why didnít I go to the police after the church board told me they didnít believe my story. Why would no one help. You canít abuse boys for 15 years without some audits knowing what was going on. I worked out the issues with my T these last two weeks and realize that I was just a 11 year old boy and did what I could to stop the EVIL.

Thanks for all the help you guys have given me. Muldoon

Teach the Children to Never Hide in the Silence