Ok like 2 weeks ago I would have told u that I had 2 perps T and his father and that his father never actually touched me. What I remembered was that T did things to me and that i was forced to watch his father do things to him. Well that was 2 weeks ago this is now. so T called me about two weeks ago to appoligise for what he did to me. And he told me some things that i didn't remember. He told me that his dad did do things with me. He told me that his mom also played a part in the abuse in allowing it to go on and participating. He told me that i did things with his baby sister both forced and not. and that there were some party's where we were little more then party favors.

Now since he talked to me i have had all sorts of shit surface.

I remember being forced to put on shows with his dads friends and there kids. how fucked up do u have to be to want to watch kids having sex and then want to take turns with a bunch of children while ur friends watch u.

sorry can't go on

Hes a little boy let him be a little boy for the boy we never got to be.