Things have been unbelievably tense at home - it hasn't helped that we attend different churches, which my wife hates. This is something I've discussed with my pastor in the past - we've always managed to make things work. This past month it has become "unworkable". For the sake of my marriage, I resigned my position at the church I've been at, explaining I need to be with my family, that with my recovery work - I really need all the stability I can get.

So today I get an email response from the man who for the past 16 years I have considered my best friend. It said, in a nutshell:

We are saddened and shocked by the brevity of your decision.
Go with His blessings.

Brevity? He's known this has been building for some time - just how much information did he expect?. And though I truly appreciate God's blessings - what about my "best friend's" blessings? But then - he DID sign it 'Pastor'. No first name. No indication we've ever been more than "co-workers".

I am truly lost. Yeah - I expected he wasn't going to be thrilled with my decision - but somehow in all that I expected at least a glimpse of my best friend - not a cold, brief "goodbye" from "the Pastor".

And in my email to him - where I talked about everything going on ... his reply came to me and "undisclosed recipients" - which means heaven-only knows who all at the church he just disclosed to for me.

Relationships inside the church should not be so empty of consideration and feeling. And as far as a reply from "a friend" - well, it's not hard to see I was, once again, WRONG about who to accept as a friend.

Beyond tears,