I have posted on here before but it has been awhile. I was raped at gun point also. (I just read some of the other posts) I am having trouble being out in groups. When I am with my wife I am fine. But alone is quite something else. I just turned down a job because I was afraid to go out at nite. I was getting ready and started having a panic attack. I just wonder if I will ever feel right again. I started going to therapy this last week. Infact I am "trying out" two different places. The one therapyist said I need to develope male friends. I find that so hard to do. I do not feel like a "man" I get nervous around them. Yet, I desperately need male friendship. It's been five months since I was raped and it feels like yesterday. At times I can forget about it and those moments are great. I guess I am trying to reach out here to other men. At least here everyone understands all this. Thanks for listening.