Where do I start for this is so weird. Dads friend Ernie so took me and my 9 year old body and took advantage. I statrted liking the oral sex and the attention he gave me. I had this friend that would come over we would be alone in my room and I would ask him to strip me of my cloths and would be erect when he would do this. There was never any touching or anthing but thats messed up. These events with Ernie happened in Minnesota and the next thing I know is we are moving to Colarado with Ernie. I took 2-3 days to get to his house and I was thinking maybe things would be different. The first night that we were there Ernie waits till everyone is asleep and he comes over to my bed. I look up and he is picking me up and taking me to his bed. Billy I have missed you and the things I would do to you. I am scared and not sure what to think. Ernie runs his hand through my hair and takes off my pj top and saying I won't hurt you. I freeze as he takes off my pj bottoms and starts stimulating me to get me erect. I know this is wrong but I am reminded Billy you can't tell and as he grabs my peter and says I will cut it off. Ernie then puts my peter in his mouth and with the warm wet feeling it does feel good. Then there is a twist on Christmas eve my mommy and daddy are fighting and I am told that I can stay with my mommy or go with my daddy as they are going there seperate ways. I am crying mommy what should I do? Bill you have to make that choice. I am all of 10 and told my mommy I am going to stay with you. I go to my daddy and tell him my decission. Billy what the hell is matter with you after everything I have done for you this is the way you thank me. I am scared as he yelling and screaming at me. I give in and what a mistake that was and if I could have looked through that crystal ball you would not have been able to pull me away with a tow truck. I leave my home my mommy and we dad,sister and I move in with daddys boss and family. His boss seems nice and he has a son who is 14-15 who wants to be my friend. Daddy and I share a room but there are nights when my dad didn't come home the local bars and drinking became his best friends.The first or second day Ronny looks at me and we have walked far from the house. Billy you are going to take your cloths off and jump off the barn roof. I said no I don't want to and start to feel this cold chill run up my spine. Billy you don't have a choice and he starts forcing my cloths off. I am very much afraid of hieghts and am shaking as I walk up the ladder to the roof. I stand on the roof a shamed crying please don't make me do this. Ronny gives me a push and I land in the mound of straw below. That was my first of many things I would get from him. Billy if you ever tell you will get it twice as bad the next time. I made the mistake of telling his mom but his mom did not believe me. I was taken out to the barn and Ronny was beating the shit out of me. Then one day as we are walking out in the feild far away from the house we stop. Billy this is going to be a torture for you so remove all your cloths. Please don't I will do what ever you want. Ronny forces my cloths off and rips my shirt in the prosess. Ronny throws my little body down on the ground and starts kicking at this mound under me. I start screaming crying for there are red ants biteing me all over and I feel them biting my peter as well. Ronny is laughing and enjoying watching me as I am being tortured. I am just wanting it to stop and finally it does Ronny lets me up brushes the ants off me and even afetr I am dressed I still feel like the ants are on me. I am hoping that my daddy will come home for I still have these red dots all over my body but he doesn't. I got beat up 2-3 times aweek. I will never forget this beating Ronny was beating me up but not in the barn but outside. I thought this is my chance so I got up from the ground and started running for the house. Ronny came up from behind and tripped me and I slid across the gravel scraping my face. Ronny came up to me kicking at me hitting me with his fist. I was crying and by the time he was done I had a black eye,chipped front tooth and a split lip. Billy remember you can not tell oh yea the best part of all this is that I had to cover for him and make up some excuse. I was foced to eat and drink and let me tell you my tooth felt like there was a cavity just to take a breath of air through my mouth hurt. I go to my mommys house to get my hair cut a day or so later. Billy what happened to you as she looks at my face. I say nothing. Billy lets take off your shirt oh no mommy will see the bruises on my little body. Billy what has happened to you she asked in a demanding voice? Mommy i can't tell you please leave it alone. Billy did your father do this to you? I look at her no mommy its not him. Billy you can tell me I give in and tell her crying and mommoy is hugging me. Then when my daddy is picking me up mommy says Billy tell your daddy what you told me. I can't so mommy tells him and the evil look I got great another speech or yelling and screaming all the way home. But he doesn't say anything and the next thing I know is we are picking Ronny up from basketball practice. But it didn't take long for the silence to broken Billy tell Ronny what you told your mother. I look at my daady with this look of how could you do this to me and if you only new what was in store for me now. I look away and stare out the window as my daddy is telling him what I told my mommy. Ronny says I would never do anything to hurt Billy I enjoy his company and the helpthat he gives me. I figured as much Billy is just trying to get attention. That night as I lay in my bed I pray please god take me in my sleep I can't go on living like this any more and then cry myself to sleep. The next day in school I stay inside the class room as everyone else goes outside for recess. Billy why are you in here all by yourself? And why are you crying. You can't help me nobody can it's pointless. The teacher pulls my head from the desk and puts me on his shoulder. I brake down and tell him some the beatings but not about the taking off cloths stuff. Billy why don't you ask your dad if you can come and stay with me for awhile. I feel as though a wieght has been lifted off me. I ask my daddy and I got the biggest scolding in my life. Then if that wasn't bad enough Ronny takes me far away from the house and I know this won't be good. We stop by this tree witch he ties me up and takes his wristrocket witch is like a sling shot and starts shooting hard clay balls of dirt at me. The pain it feels like rocks hitting me in the back,head,butt and legs. Ronny finally stops and it hurts to walk Ronny says next time it will be worse. We end up moving and as I am getting out of my bath my daddy walks in. Billy where did you get those bruises on the back of your legs? I start to cry and say daddy this si what I have been trying to tell you. Billy I didn't relise that it was that bad. Daddy there are alot of things that you don't relise. sorry more to come have to stop now.