Oops, I should have said 90 degrees and sunny, like is usual around here. Forgot about the big food festival downtown so we just went to 92nd and Sheridan to Office Depot, then used our gift card at another of the chain's restaurants, Joe's Crab Shack. The gift card paid for 2 dinners, 2 appetizers including a shrimp bucket, and a frozen drink each. It is hard to believe that it took 9 months to use a Christmas restaurant gift card.

My wife got some brand-new mid-level Gateway laptop for $479, plus several programs that were on sale too. She spent a little over seven bills total. It is for her business. Her old Toshiba's hard drive was nearly maxed-out and it didn't have enough RAM either. I'm afraid that she has promised it to one of her sisters though.

I have an old Sony Vaio laptop that I'm not using for anything except storing my amusement parks and cities from Roller Coaster Tycoon and Sim City 2000. If you could figure-out a way to load that stuff onto my Acer I would be willing to part with it. It has Windows 98 and Word, and a number of other older programs like Adobe too. On the down side, the RAM is limited to 128 and the hard drive is a bit small too. Plus I have an old 486 hybrid desktop with a 3.5 drive and a CD drive that you could have free of charge. I can't even remember what OS it has, it is so ancient. But it is in good shape, so someday maybe you could display it as an antique!!!

he, he, he.


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