I have great news as most of you know already my good boy "max" was diagnosed with osteosarcoma ( bone cancer ) and i thought my world was coming to an end yet
he has the personality of a warrior and no one could stop him.

He had alot of blood work taken this morning and the results came back NEGATIVE for the spreading of the cancer i have never been so happy in all my life and it's
amazing the love you have for such an innocent dog who does not ask for much except to be loved and pampered meanwhile loving us more then we could ever know.

Anyway my fiancee and i are going to now move forward and have his right distal radius amputated to eliminate the pain / discomfort on tuesday and hopefully the surgery on sept 2nd will be a success.

I am so exstatic to know that he is going to be ok afterall the blood work alone has clearly proven the cancer has NOT SPREAD into his chest or anywhere else for that matter.
I cannot thank the gentle souls enough on here for being so supportive and caring when i thought i would lose it.

I have to admit nothing compares in this world with the love and affection i have for an animal who loves US uncoditionally.....you cannot put a price on such a heart warming moment that i now know is priceless........hopefully the surgery will go complication free.........his quality of life from here on out will be cherished and savored .........afterall he certainly loves us ands shows us more and more everyday how to love another and want nothing in return...

" You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have "