Sometimes i ask myself, why do I need friends... been there? done that? and then i reflect on how desperately lonely life would be without them.

Do they ever disappoint me? This is the hardest part of friendship. The times that we need them the most, coincides with the times that we are left "standing on the curb." But hey... experts say... who ever they are... that no risk no gain.

Being vulnerable to rejection is what haunts me the most. Those of us here KNOW rejection and the intense feelings it creates. Recently I have had some rejection issues here on MS, and felt like just throwing in the towel and running to "my own little corner, in my own little room" for truly there..."i can be whatever i want to be." But this place is not the place of real peace. I find it is only when a friend comes along side and walks with you through the pain, through the fire, or through whatever, "that i can be whatever I want to be." So this is what brings me back... back to this place... where friends walk with friends. "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Thanks to my friends... Phil, Mike, and Paul. I love you guys! Here is a song that says it like it is...

Your thoughts welcomed

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Masquerades are a lot of fun, until you see it is really your life.

my story...finally out *triggers*