I'm a friggin mess and i can;t take much more of this.

As most of you know my dog was diagnosed with bone cancer on tuesday and this morning my cat
could not catch his breath and is not doing good at all.

We're left with no alternitive then to put him down as a result of his heart condition and my fiancee works in the feild of veternary medicine as a vet tech
i know i need to be strong for her and i damn sure will be....however yet how much can someone take before they lose it and go out of their mind.

I cannot believe this happening to my fiancee not to mention poor "baby" he's a strong boy .....the Dr tried putting oxygen on him and he wants no part of it and flips out and thrashes around.

At the moment he's on buprinex a pain med and it is not helping the poor little guy cannot catch his breath.

I guess now i need to let nature run its course,..........i know having animals they will die one day......nothing is forever ...yet we have so much going on in our lives how can you catch a break....not to mention we're getting married in less then 6 weeks..........enough already....take care everyone wish us luck.

God bless

" You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have "