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Larry, I did write a thesis about a year ago that was never printed about child abuse arrest cases. I don't have the thesis handy, and I'm too lazy to do redundant work, but my findings throughout several studies were that the number of arrests in abuse cases is actually much higher than 3.3.%. However, the important number is how many convictions result from those arrests, and that number was less than 10%. Keep in mind...this is a percentage of a percentage, meaning that less than 1% of all abusers are ever convicted of any crime.

Yes, the interpretation of statistics in areas like this is a minefield, and the impression one receives often depends on what questions are being asked.

I'm not surprised that the arrest rate is much higher than 3.3% now. The Abel study is over 20 years old, but I just haven't seen more recent work. It's great you did some thesis work on this and I hope you will publish your results.

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