Wow. making me want to speak out and speak out and speak out. I share so many parallel's with the original poster in those blog's. Drunk, teenager, waking up erect, which has caused me no end of confusion and pain.

What was the "ah-hah" moment for me was the talk about being believed and the ability to have my life ruined. I've always said "I'm so scared of women" and have never really been able to explain further this statement. It hit's me when I say it, I see the reaction from people and caregiver's and healthcare workers. I'm 6'2", all muscley, people tell me I'm intimidating looking. And then the words "I'm scared of women" comes out of my mouth. "does not compute, does not compute" is all I see in their reaction's. And the truth is I draw a blank at the time too, "why, why am I afraid of women".

It seems to have hit me, I've had a threat thrown in my face that is indefensible. 1 guy trying to hurt me, kick his ass. 2 guy's, well, I've still got a chance, 3 guys, okay not likely, but I may walk away from it with just some physical wound's that I can get over. 1 100lb little female and I'm fucked. I'm faced with a foe that can cut my achilles heel anytime and anywhere at a whim. Shit, to be honest I'm not feeling so bad right now, I think I've found the most undefeatable opponent in history. She will always win.

Society has decided that. How could I ever fight society.

I'm afraid of women, I now understand why, I don't stand a chance

Stay strong