After I publicly disclosed the details of my own rape as both a healing exercise and to help bring awareness of female on male rape, several blogs covered it, some favorably and sympathetically and others in a mocking or derogatory manner. I'm not linking the negative, victim-blaming blogs here. Below are supportive articles:

Since then, I've noticed more coverage of similar events recently as well. A few links of such coverage are below:

Those survivors and their supporters who feel strong enough to read the negative comments and are willing to make their voices known are invited to add their own remarks to these postings. I don't know if it will make a difference. I hope so. I know that I've heard from many male survivors (and a few female survivors) of female rapists since I spoke out.

If one man feels less alone and a little more supported as a result of my decision to speak out, I can live with the negative remarks and hateful reactions I've received from many readers of these blog posts and articles. I've been through worse in my years as an activist (death threats, defamation campaigns, cyber stalker, etc.). I can weather this as well with some disciplined responses and knowing when to stop reading responses - as I had to do with the Dr. Helen articles.

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