Took the kids to the pond today to do a little rowing of the boat. That turned into fully-dressed swimming for all of us.

THEN… I saw a water snake and, being a stupid male, decided to take off after it. (see live-shots below). I decided to do my Steve Irwin impression and pick up a water snake (with a stick) in an environment where he/she is most mobile and nimble.

Did you know that water snakes get pissed-off when you try to pick them up with a stick? Yup…they DO! Did you know that a water snake will halt his retreat from a human and turn around and attack yo-ass if you piss him off? Yup…he will! ...i nearly turned the water brown.

After getting some distance between Nippy and I, I followed him to his plants and trees. Once I got there, Nippy had disappeared but I quickly found a shed-skin from what is quite possibly the largest water snake on the planet. I decided to lighten-up on the testosterone and add some brain cells…got the heck out of there.

7 year-old daughter said “well that was stupid,” while eating popcorn watching her poor stupid father.