thanks for the suggestions guys, i appreciate your help.

i will definitely add those to my list of potential things to do.

i am still looking for new activities that have nothing to do with anything that i would normally choose to do.

i made an appointment to check out a local martial arts academy here in pittsburgh, and look into tai chi as a manner of relaxation and discipline that is not high impact as working out at a gym.

doing this i hope to achieve a bit more focus in my life.

part of the problem right now is that during the summer months my schedule is not driven as it is during the school year. and since i am at a point in my life where i can begin some new interests, this seems a good place to start.

hopefully from a place of greater focus, i can make fresh determinations about what new experiences i want to bring into my life. it is nice to be in a position to chose, rather than having to live out of the consequences of choices made prior to reflection. my life 'lived me' for too long.

two longer ranged goals i have for myself:

1. get involved in the local branch of soulforce

2. prepare for the audition to become a member of the local gay men's chorus

my challenge for today: [weather permitting] to climb a tree.

for now, back to knitting a chain of linked moments.....


Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC