I'm relatively new to this site, but I've seen some pretty bad stories here. I've got my own as well. I was raped by a neighbor when I was 11 (twice), and I had a different but horrifying experience when I was 21. I went to a bar to meet some friends. I was early. There was a girl there, and the long and short of it was that she picked me up and we went to her place. What I didn't know that there were four guys waiting there to pounce on me as soon as we got "comfortable."
I thought I buried the issue. I have denied that it ever happened to myself over and over again. Now it seems to come back to me stronger than ever, and sometimes I have trouble concentrating. This is on top of the shame I have felt inside. The only way I can tell anyone is anonymously - like this forum. I don't know if anyone who knew me would believe me.