There's an excercise we do in group that really hit me the other day, as my co-facillitator and I were going over it for group starting in Sept, we went through it together.

He said "name some words associated with sex", okay that's pretty easy, "disgusting, wrong, painful, stressfull, sinful, guilt, abusivess, etc" this is just a small example of the words that a group of survivor's will come up with. What really hit me though was his next words, "okay, now name words associated with abuse", Wow...holy Fing wow, it hit me like a ton of brick's, I had no understanding of the difference between sex and abuse, they were one and the same to me.

The next excercise is to come up with words you "think" a person "without a history" would use for sex and the words they would use for abuse. I'm thinking those lists would be complete opposites.

Just some thought's, we got some re-wiring to do my Bro's

Stay strong