hi everyone, i have a lot of extra time on my hands right now, and i am looking for creative ways to spend it witout going into debt.

so i would appreciate your suggestions for activities that could spend time and maybe enrich my spirit all for free. i do beading and tatting, and music, but i need to do something different, cause those are not appealing to me at this time.

some suggestions that i got from a book i am reading:

-take 20 words and form 20 sentences. then try to form a small article with the 20 sentences.

-take 40 small blocks of wood and try to build different forms expressing different ideas.

-take various objects and arrange them to express and idea.

-make a collage

.....these are some suggested activities. i think they are good for getting me out of my own head, but it need some more suggestions from all of you.

some fresh challenges would be nice!

thanks in advance,


Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC