I was just reading an article about the Comedy Central roast of Bob
Saget of Full House fame. It appears Bob was upset (rightly so) with
jokes about his former co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Excerpt of Article

John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the popular series, was the
emcee for the event and took the first jab at the 22-year-olds.

"The whole time Bob and I were doing 'Full House,' he was also hosting
'America's Funniest Home Videos,'" he said. "His entire job consisted
of saying 'Take a look at this,' which is what he used to say to
Mary-Kate in her dressing room."

So apparently John Stamos thinks a 39 year old man exposing himself to
a 9 year old at most (Mary-Kate was 9 in 1995 the year the show went off the air) is funny. I don't.

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