I made the mistake on Sunday of wasting $11 and an hour and a half of my lifr on the X-Files movie, I Want To Believe.

This movie was offensive in many ways -- not least in being heinously, unforgivably boring. Most egregiously, however, the film's villains are characterized in a way most unflattering to gay men and survivors of CSA.

The "plot" -- if you can call it that -- revolves around Mulder and Scully's search for a female FBI agent who has been kidnapped. We learn that her kidnapper has been in the habit of abducting people as sources of body parts used by evil Russian surgeons to keep the disembodied head of his husband alive. Yes, his husband: the movie makes a point of informing us that the two of them were married in Massachusetts.

Aiding them on this quest is a priest who has psychic visions -- and is also a pedophile convicted of raping 37 boys. To add to the fun, we learn that the diembodied head was one of the priest's victims.

Did they need to make the bad guys gay? Did they need to make one of them a CSA survivor? All of that is unnecessary to the "story" such as it is, and does nothing but reinforce offensive stereotypes.

Avoid this trash like the plague.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
~ Oscar Wilde