Twenty years ago in Cleveland, the police department from one of the east-side suburbs in concert with some metro-enforcement unit pulled-off a late-night no-knock raid, killing the family dog in the process. They held the couple and their kids in their underwear face down on the floor for hours after brutalizing them before discovering that the house next door was their intended target. By then the people next door had been evacuated and slipped quietly away into the night, never to be seen again. There were substantial financial consequences for the city involved though, and some luckless lower management-type was sacrificed to appease public opinion.

Just like here in Denver a few years ago. Another no-knock raid happened at the wrong house where the cops blew away some luckless armed homeowner that was attempting to defend his own property. Then they tried to manufacture evidence before the truth came out. Again, it was an expensive mistake.

Or another case 25 years ago in Aurora, CO where there had been a burglary and after the cops had responded there, a young man from next door arrived home on his motorcycle. One cop asked him to remove his sunglasses and another cop blew him away because of a sudden flash of sunlight off of his mirror sunglasses. The cops ruled it a tragic but justified mistake, until someone discovered that the shooter had substantially falsified his employment resume and the Aurora PD had not verified his credentials with the Buffalo, NY PD. That mistake was worth almost $12 million, on top of a lifetime of heartache.

To this day my favorite case history in a no-knock raid was when a vice unit of one Detroit PD task force, STRESS, broke in on a late-night private card party that some Wayne County, MI, Sheriff's Department deputies were having at one of their homes. Needless to say the immediate result was a lot like the last big shootout in the Wil Smith movie Enemy of the State, and there was hell to pay later too. This one happened back in the early 1970s as I recall.

It is hard to believe that we continue to permit our security forces to behave in this manner.

Name withheld by request.

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