Just want to let everyone know..especially those in the healing circle: I will be with you in the chat room in spirit only---not because of anything other than my internet connection suddenly going way slow on me so that it takes a long ass time to type anything.

I'm researching online as much as I can to see if I can determine the problem, but I'm not very techy and I use a wireless router connection--the numerous technicalities of which have so far made my head spin.

Anyway, I am currently dealing with constant periods of non responsiveness in which I can't see what I'm typing..(I'm also lousy at typing) so chat has become something I just don't feel capable of doing until I get this fixed.

To be honest, it's so bad now that it may even keep me from posting in the forums as much as I'd like to so if I seem scarce these days, that's the reason. It's weird. I got tons of memory but my pc acts like it has a huge memory shortage.

Too poor to take it in, so I just got to figure it out on my own.
Wish me luck, and if anyone has a clue what might be going on, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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