I've figured out as a result of my abuse, I've got both a feminine, as well as masculine side.

Looking at it another way (in my new relationship (I also) enjoy a dominant, and submissive side.

I would like to add on so many levels, (it's hard to describe in words). How much she makes me feel...


And (by the way I've got a sneaking suspition that, my new girlfriend, was abused, in some fashion, at some point, in her life... That being said, she is not comfortable in disclosing at this time, and I'm not excited in doing harm in any way by forcing the issue.

She is native american, and if I didn't know any better, I would think she was into buddism, (that's her personality in a nutshell).

What I do know is, that her last relationship was very abusive. She is such a sweet person, and (I belive), very vulnerable to abusive type personalities.

Anyway, I totally changed this post, and all I'm really looking for is resources, (Books or safer type websites), on the subject of sensous biting). I don't wan't to get too off topic, and lose focus on others MAJOR issues.

My ultimate goal in my recovery is living a good life,
(to the best of my ability). To this end, this is why, I am posting this topic.

Welcoming advise.


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