I read stories here, and I am sad, always of the people who do not have positive relationships with their family, specially their fathers, and I know of how lucky I am for that.

For some reason, last night trying to sleep, this memory come back at me, and it rather make me smile, and again show to me how lucky I am. I have loving, kind and wise family, and still feel those rewards of that now.

When I was still rather new to the sport I compete in, I had a different thinking of my own importence of it I think. When I was 9 or 10, I had won a regional event, which was the biggest victory of my 'carreer' at that point, and I was rather impressed of myself. My family was proud of me to, which make it feel even bigger, but perhaps I taken it too far. At home that night, we are eating dinner, and it is to be my turn to help with washing the dishes. And at the time, I am thinking that is of course, beneath me. I believe I say something like that my sister can do it, because I am a 'future Olympic champion'. Of course, my sister was quite annoyed, although my other two sisters and my mother laughed. My father was smiling, but shaking his head at the same time. And then he given me his opinion of my announcement.

Androsh, he say, there is some advice that perhaps I should give to you now. Who you are in the world is not who you are in this family. Who you are in this world is not as importent as who you are in this family. The country, the region, the city, it is all less impressive to me then the people right here of my own family. So you must remember this. You will never be so 'right' that you never need to apologize. You will never be so smart that you don't ever need to learn something new. And you will never be so importent that you do not have to do the dishes. So go do your duty as a member of this family, and remember that 'fitting in' here is always going to be more importent then fitting in 'out there'.

I think that is still something so importent to me. Who I am, who I become, how I behave, it is always more importent to me that my character is what I feel my family would be happy with and proud of, then what other people think. I think that is true, or should be true, of everyone. It may not be our biological family, but there are people who become our family, and those are the ones importent to 'fit in' with, and to have our characters being what is appreciated and respected by them. There is lot of people in the world who will never meet me, will never know me, and who I do not have to impress or be anything special to. But the people who are my family, they are the ones I do try to live my life good, in ways they will be impressed and proud of.

I do not know why I feel to share this here, it just been on my mind some since last night.

(When I gotten my job I have now, I call my parents to tell them I have a job. My father ask me what I am doing and I tell him I am working in restaurant, clearing tables and washing dishes. He say that, well, maybe you can find something better soon. I told him it's ok, you're never so importent that you don't have to wash the dishes. He laughed and agreed.)