How bad could the punishment be anyway?

Ok let's suppose masturbating results in say 1000 years in purgatory, or some other such timeline. What would you think is an appropriate or humourous punishment for God to hand out?

A. 1000 years of weaving Kleenix and cleaning computer keypads
B. 1000 years of arm spasm where your arm looks like it's shaking a pop can whenever you introduce yourself.
C. 1000 years of Dick Cheney
4. 1000 years of fire. Hmmm...kinda worth the risk if you ask me!

Add your own punishment - win fabulous prizes! \:D

I shouldn't be irreverent without attempting to cope with Andy's question. I think Paul wasn't making a commandment, but just pointing out that if we permit something, anything, masturbation included, to get in the way of our relationship with God, it's to be avoided and that's why he's calling it 'burning passion' - just to let us know that it can become a 'never quenchable' thing.

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