Hi, I'm new to this male survivor site and trying to come to terms with myself after 69 years on this earth, I was sexually abused 60 years ago and until now have never sought help, now on this subject masturbation I am an expert, I still am a compulsuve masterbater, I (think) that I may have been introduced to it by my abuser. But for sure I was doing it at 10 yrs old, as a Catholic if I should die before going to confession I was going straight to hell. Well I was sent to a Catholic orphanage/home where i resided for (almost) four years, we were there with the exception for the summer months continually. Well I remember being very heavilly into it, every day, and we had to go to Mass every day and twice on Sundays, plus confession on Saturdays, Now being we (70) boys were living in the home we were supposed to receive communion every morning, now that would be very embarrasing to miss as why would a boy not be in the state of grace? Well I figured that if (just if) I should die before going to confession, what the heck I just might as well participate in the communion. No worring what those Brothers would think that I might have done. Plus I was doing it in (as they said) in Gods house. I am married have a son plus two grandsons and I still masturbate till this day, maybe when I start my recovery process it may help to stop.

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