This comment is in reply to a local news article about yet another pillar of the community being busted as a perp (or, in this case, a wanna-be perp, ala internet sting)

The point of the reply to this local story suggests that maybe scant police resources are being ill-spent on catching "mob bosses" and not towards more meaningful and worthwhile law-enforcement endeavors, like protecting children.

The worthwhileness of these internet stings aside, what this commentator suggests, in and of itself, merits my attention, how about yours?

The comment:

"Which one of the following disciplines has never been convicted of child molestation: Teachers, priests, boy scout leader, church pastor, gym coach, artists, architects, doctors, plumbers, inmates, newspaper reporters, cops, judges, and finally a mafia godfather? Could it be my kid would have faired no safer than the company of Carlos Gambino, Profaci, Bannano, Anastsia, Genovese, Columbo, Marsallies, Trafficante, Zerreli, Raffa, Giacalone, Provanzo, Gotti, Giacana, Lansky, Rothstien, Cohen, Seagal, Guziak, Nitti, Capone, Luciano, than to walk alongside the pillars of the community? I can't think of one of these guys ever being convicted for raping a child. Anybody name a made man, who lived to be convicted of this crime? So is it safe to say, other than a mob boss,the rest of society is suspect on the issue of child molestation? Interesting statistic, and I'm still trying to come up with a name."