Aloha,TJC ;
I read your posting with great interest. I, too, when I came out as an incest survivor, had that information used to take my two daughters away from me, on the fears from my then-wife that I would molest them.That was many years ago now.
I, like yourself, also turned to Christ, and established some deep spiritual roots that have changed over time, deeped and grown to maturity. I am hopeful for you to be exhonerated of the charges.
I am writing to briefly share my view on accepting a sexual identity in the wake of all this trama. It took me a long time to accept that I was attracted to men and women on different occations, and to gradually learn that, however I got that way, it's just what is. The issue of what 'triggers' a person's sexual nature is still being hotly debated. In the end, I believe it is a case of self discovery and self acceptance. I have since moved to a different spiritual path that included celebrating all people of all sexual orientations.
So, perhaps, I am suggesting that you, like the vast majority of people, are to more or less a degree bisexual. And by that term, I don't mean you have to be totally a 50/50 bar...lot's of people are more 'het' or 'gay' but whereever you are, it should be that you find a path of light that loves and accepts you for WHO you are.
I also know that there are branches of Christians who accept les/bi/gay/trans individuals as members. Perhaps if your heart calls you to that place, you can find love and self-acceptance there.
In either event, God bless you and keep you - we are loved no matter what we are.