Thankyou, guys, for turning what was already a meaningful discourse with myself into a totally profound experience of shared ideas and perspectives! There really is a lot of valuable reflection here for me to contemplate.

Something I didn't include in my story that somehow seems relevant now is the song that I was listening to when my old acquaintance brought me out of my mp3 rapture. It was "Can't Find My Way Home" by Blind Faith.

"Come down off your throne and leave your body alone
Somebody must change
You are the reason I've been waiting so long
Somebody holds the key"

A lot of good lyrics speak differently to different people.
Right now, not by my own choice but by lack of supply, it has been a couple weeks since I've been on my beautiful throne where I can be above my hurt and detached from the struggling world around me.

For me, subjectively, as I think about the song, it tells me that, however pretty one perspective may be, it isn't the truth because it is only one perspective. A convenient analogy here might be my two experiences I recently had of Portland Oregon:

The first was a virtual flyby high above the city via "Google Earth". I love using the controls in that program to make myself feel like I'm flying really fast over places I've never been and see the lay of the land. From that perspective, Portland is a big cluster of shapes with a big blue streak running through it.

Then I got on a physical train and actually went to Portland. I wasn't able to fly now and see the larger picture of the city as from above, but down there on the lowly ground, what before had been just a cluster of shapes was now a vivid experience of unique buildings and streets with interesting people walking around.

My THC throne can offer me the perspective of the "larger picture" so to speak. It lets me see the relative smallness of my little existence on this little patch of ground I mill around on and gives me a sense of the grander scale of reality.

But coming down off that throne and being in a place where I can see the details, even if it means often feeling small and helpless and crying a lot, I see other aspects of things that are less apparent when I'm high.

I can see, for instance that as I speak about other peoples attitudes of superiority, I also am hiding behind my own "eminence front". (Now I'm quoting "The Who" lol---sorry, I just seem to relate to everything through music sometimes.) \:\)

I think there can be value in getting high, and there can also be value in "leaving your body alone" for a while too. But of course different things are good for different people and getting high certainly isn't for everyone.

The main thrust of my thoughts here though is that it's all too easy to limit our experience of life by putting value judgments on what can show us other perspectives and in the three dimensional world you can't really tell what something looks like just by seeing it from one angle. You need to see it from above, from below, and from every other angle you can manage to see it from.

Truth may be not just three dimensional but maybe four or five dimensional, and if patterns of avoidance or prejudice keep us stuck seeing from only one angle of vision, we may never find our way home.

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