I was living near Fellowship Club off of West 7th and Randolph when we got hit by an F-0 tornado Memorial Day weekend of 1998. Sounded like an old WWII bomber flying over really low as the cable and power went out. Then there were 15 minutes of non-stop sirens afterwards. It tore down a bunch of trees including 4 huge trees at Fellowship, and tore-up every garage in the alley 1.5 blocks south of Randolph, and knocked over a bunch of semi-trailers over at the old Schmidt's brewery. It tore down a bunch of trees up at Highland Park Golf Course east of Snelling too.

Almost got hit by an F-3 in Michigan in 1976. A gas station that I had once worked at was destroyed along with a tire store and a bank, and the roof was torn off a K-Mart store, along with 100 houses were destroyed in the neighborhood behind the store. It hit at the corner of Maple (15 Mile) and Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield, a NW Detroit suburb, in the Spring of 1976, 4 months after I had quit the job to go to college.

I've seen a bunch of waterspouts over both Lake Eire and Lake Michigan, and even got to drive a semi in the fringe of Hurricane Frederick in Alabama in 1979. And then there was the time that I got stuck in a 6-foot drift right in the middle of the road south of Redwood Falls before Christmas of 1996. Hit the thing going 45 mph with a load of Pig's Eye beer plus Cave Creek made at Cold Spring on the truck, and didn't make it!!!

Just before Christmas of 2006 we got over 4 feet of snow in a week here in Denver. Just glad that my wife and I were in Las Vegas instead!!!

How did you make out?


"We stay here, we die here. We've got to keep moving". Trucker Mark