We will be out on the Jet Express tomorrow for a little fun and cheap wine out on Put-in-Bay, in the middle of Lake Eire. I am going to get a case of their concord grape wine if anyone wants some of the cheap stuff with an odd flavor!!! Maybe dinner and a little of the bubbly later. I'll share photos if I can figure out how to from Photo Bucket someday.

Hard to believe how dead it is around Port Clinton. In the paper Sunday, some boat owner was quoted as saying it cost $1,200 to fill-up the tank on his boat, and around $400 for just a roundtrip from Marblehead out to the islands. Last night the 8:30 PM Jet Express left the dock with 9 passengers aboard, which isn't too good for a boat that holds over 350 people. That is hardly enough fuel to make it past the breakwall. I saw 5 motels with zero cars in the lot yesterday at 8:00 PM. It ain't looking so good from an economic standpoint here in mid-July.

I'll be home by next Monday. Talk to you guys then.


"We stay here, we die here. We've got to keep moving". Trucker Mark