How about this Marc? I really like you a lot. Your opinion is valueable to me. The concern you show for my feeling is comforting. You are a source of strength in my darker moments. I think about you and your troubles at odd times during the day and even if I don't offer words of comfort that echo everyone else, I still pray for you. I look for you every day and am happy when I see you. I admire your efforts to help others and would like to be like you in that way, someday. You have my best wishes, and all of my good will. If something happened and you weren't here anymore, I would be sad. I don't know you all that well, but I'd like to know you better. I don't feel for you so much as I feel with you. I want nothing from you beyond what you are willing to give.

So, that sounds kind of like a very natural sort of love. But I won't say that. I understand how hollow it can sound. But just incase I slip up and say it by accident, fill in the empty space with the paragraph I just wrote saying how I REALLY feel about you.