oy vey, reinterpreting my meaning to bash me over the head with, IS a big deal for me. if you are going to continue to use my words to impose your interpretation of my words at least out of respect, use them all and not merely select those that will ultimately be used to create a case to debunk said imagined 'misrepresentation'. to use snippets of my commentary to back-up your attempt to rescue the judaic law from misinterpretation, is ultimately turning ploughshares into swords! i mean what is all your nit-picking going to achieve? a little pat on the head from above?

if you wish to remove the speck from my eye, please do not quote me out of context; my exact words were thus:


re: Quote:
Not quite.

since i was quoted as being misinformed, i feel it necessary to defend my position and clarify that my comment was merely an allegory to the subject at hand, not an attempt to educate the masses on levitical law.

i can truly appreciate that you are coming from a place where you felt it necessary to comment as you did, and i have no issue with that. i have my own side of the street to take care of, because the buck stops here, and if i don't noone else will. does that amount to making a mountain out of a mole hill? i don't think so; my healing process calls me to be a person whose recovery means not only standing in my truth, but also bearing witness to it. even if it seems being contrary.

i am not disputing in general what you say nor your right to say it. what i do respect very deeply is that we can disagree without being disagreeable, and i think that is the best honesty i can to both myself and the community.

thanks for hearing me, and i wish you all the best,

as far as 'the tenets' of your religion go, it would be helpful to include which sect of judaism you are affiliating with because i am certain when you say
it is a tree of life whose ways are pleasant and all whose paths are peace
that some of the female jewish women friends with whom i am and have made acquaintance with along the way, who, parenthetically, have been made second class citizens would find this statement quite contestable and/or laughable. and, just so you don't think i am picking on jewish orthodoxy, the same holds true for folks of other denominations who feel disenfranchised from their spiritual communities based on patriarchal ruling systems.

ok, enough of this masturbation. blah blah blah

you are most welcome to have the last word; it's all yours. have at it,

peace out,

ron \:D

Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC