I'm so glad I have found this site. My husband, of 36 yrs., was abused by his brother, some neighborhood boys, and probably an aunt. My husband has blocked out all memories, has conversion paralysis and is paralyized from the waist down and before the paralysis had psuedo siezures. I found out this was all conversion 4 yrs ago. I had a premonition that his brother was the abuser, I confronted him and he confessed and also told me about the neighborhood boys molesting my husband. My husband has been in therapy for 4 years, but as yet remembers nothing. He does not want to confront his brother and his therapist and myself are the only ones that talk with him about this. He only talks with me because I bring up the topic. How can i help him?? Sometimes I just want to leave, but I love him and constantly pray for his recovery.