Dear all, It has been pointed out to me that it sounds like my son was masturbating "while" he was on line. Now that I have reread my post I can absolutely see where it could have been misconstrued.
I am so sorry for this. My son was not masturbating. What I meant was he and his friend were talking about how they do participate in that.ALONE.
I only thought it was amusing because as much as you think you are teaching your kids about life and sex, we try to be open about it, they still get wacky ideas in their heads, and I was amused that for whatever reason my younger boy thought you had to be gay to do that, and we all know, or at least the one I worship,God would never exclude anyone from that. So I am sorry, NYDAISY

GOD would never exclude anyone from that.(I thought I'd add that since it is the area)